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FHIRPACK is a general purpose FHIR client that simplifies the access, analysis and representation of FHIR and EHR data using PANDAS, an ETL philosophy and a functional syntax. FHIRPACK was designed and developed by Jayson Salazar Rodriguez at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (IKIM) and the Database Systems Research Group of the University of Heidelberg (HDDBS).


The FHIR standard is a promising framework for interacting with healthcare data. However, expressive tools for efficient FHIR server interaction are few and are either too low level, and powerful, or too abstract, and lack features. FHIRPACK provides an easy-to-use and intuitive API that enables effortless access to FHIR data. We strive for a balance between flexibility, usability and feature richness in order to make interacting with FHIR data less painful.

🚀 tutorial

learn about FHIR, FHIRPACK and PANDAS with the Example Jupyter Notebooks

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jayson.salazar@uk-essen.de or salazar@informatik.uni-heidelberg.de

🐞 issues

bugs and feature requests go on the main GitLab tracker or on GitHub

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join the Slack channel for the latest updates and discussions around FHIR, FHIRPACK and EHR in general

🔧 dev

learn more about contributing to FHIRPACK or extending its functionality

📚 docs

read the documentation on Read the Docs

📖 citation

cite FHIRPACK as https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7941705 or visit Zenodo vor more details

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